hey, so i just got a new laptop and the default setup is absolute shit. everything sounds tinny and weak and thin, unless i run FL studio with ASIO, then it sounds fine. i played with my settings and found that when i disable all audio effects and hit apply, whatever im listening to sounds like it would in ASIO, but if i stop it and hit play again it goes back to the old shitty sound. Ive tried restarting and shutting down and waiting and everything i can think of, but nothing is making my changes set in permanently! Can anyone offer some advice? I'd really like to start recording and this is putting a HUGE damper on my progress
It sounds tinny weak and thin? Sounds about right for a set of laptop speakers.
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yeah, but this is through headphones, speakers, amps, etc. and it sounds fine when running ASIO.

Long story short: Windows is not accepting the audio settings that i change.
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