So I bought this BC Rich JRV-7 used a couple weeks ago, and it's been a BLAST to play (if you haven't checked these out, please do so. even with the cheapo stock pickups it doesnt sound half bad). And then a string broke. I managed to wing it all the way through a string change and get it back in working order, but have encountered a problem.

I THINK it was set up with a set of 10s previously. Anyway, I went with a set of 10-46s, replaced the 46 low E with a 56, and got a 64 for the low B. After adjusting the spring claw and all that mess, it's ALMOST back where I had it before. Except I cannot, for the life of me, get the action down to the sweet spot where it was before.

It started out with trying to eliminate this annoying string buzz around the 15th fret of the low B. I've been trying to find a way to raise the action enough to eliminate the buzz while having it still set up low for fast playing but cannot get these two realities to unite. What gives?
Have you checked your neck relief? The extra tension from the heavier strings is likely to have put a bit more relief in the neck.
It seems to be rather flat. But then again, I didn't check it before the string change because it felt great the way it was set up. Is there a precise way to check if this is the issue?
Did you adjust the spring tension to account for the thicker strings? Your bridge is likely pulled forward which might cause some buzz

EDIT: I didn't catch that you did adjust springs. Make sure the bridge is completely level.
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