so, im not a fan of the pots on my new carvin. never has been. one of my grips is the bad taper on the volume pot. my second gripe is the massive lack of highs that occurs when you drop the volume on the volume pot. no so much with the tone pot.

are treble bleed caps for the volume or tone pot? cause the tone is more or less fine. but this volume knob thing is killing me.

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Volume pot. Sounds like yours might be dirty, though, it shouldn't be that bad.
Another thing you can try is "'50s Wiring" where you move one wire that connects the volume and tone pots. This changes it so that you retain the highs when turning down the volume knob, but instead lose some volume when turning down the tone knob.

I suffer from the same problem and am going to try it next time I crack open the guitar.

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