I’m looking for a good drum machine—hardware or software—for Doom metal. I just need something simple that sounds like real drum kit, not a crazy 808 simulator with thousands of dubstep and acid house sounds. Suggestions?
Most drum machines - real and online virtual drum machines - will have lots of pre-programed loops that you will never use, but as long as you can create your own tracks, that is of no matter. There are plenty of free online virtual drum machines, so you can look at them and see which one seems best for you. As for real drum machines, take a look at the Alesis SR-18. It runs about US$200.00 new.
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My old Zoom RT323 is pretty good - I used it for most of the recordings on my profile, the drums are sampled rather than synthed so it sounds as realistic as possible, but I'd recommend finding a more recent version as mine uses the wrong kind of memory card. The Zoom R8 & R24 multitrackers have the same capability for drums built into them, so you get a multitrack recording, USB interface and drum machine all in one package.

All drum machines will have a load of those useless sounds you don't want though. The trick is to remember not to use them.

Or get software.
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