Try not to laugh, but I've fallen in love with this guitar tone. The vocals, well they aren't my favorite - particularly because I can't understand them.

It sounds like single coils. However, my current guitar has Active EMGs (White Jackson SLSMG) from back when I played Black Metal. I was thinking I'd get a pickup ring adapter to get the single coils to fit into the humbucker spot.

I've been so overwhelmed by the selection of pickups that I don't know where to start. My budget is about $150 for two pickups. Though, I'd be content just swapping out the neck pickup.

I'm not as interested in coil-tapping. I'd rather all my money go into the quality of one coil, rather than divided into two

Sounds like Vox AC30 to me.

Sounds like a bridge or bridge + middle single coil to me. Swapping neck wouldn't really do much for you.

Does your SLS have coil taps? That would get you a little closer.

For $150 I would seriously suggest just getting a used Squier Standard Strat instead.
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I'd say it could either be a strat's pickup or a p90.

The squier standard strat?
For that money you could get a couple pickups plus retrofitters from GFS, something like 1963 texas wound pro set for $70 or so.

The amp seems to me an AC30 or something similar, too, with the distortion coming a bit from the pre and a bit from the power section maybe?
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My personal take on coil tapping is that it works great, but you have to do two things.

One, it seems to work best with pickups that have a lot of output in the first place, so that when you split the coils, your active coil actually has about the same output as a strat-type pickup left. One of my favorite bridge pickups is the Carvin M22SD (about 13-14kohm), which splits into a nice 6.5 - 7kohm single coil. I have some Tom Andersons that do well, the Suhr Aldrich bridge pickup does well, and a few others stand out.

Second, you have to set up your amp *first* for the split sound. If you set it up for the humbucker, switching will often just sound wimpy. But if you set it up for the single coil sound, it's a whole different story (and a whole different bunch of settings). Then when you switch in to full humbucker mode, it's like kicking in a boost.

But if you're going to swap pickups, take a good look at the Seymour Duncan P-Rail.

There are actually TWO real, legitimate single coils there: a P90 pickup and a rail coil single coil, both at full power. The whole thing fits into a humbucker ring, and you can switch to use either coil OR you can tie them together in series (standard humbucker) or parallel (a slightly thinner, but still humbucking sound). There's even a pickup ring available called the Triple Shot from SD that has switching built in.

One more thing about the P-Rails; there are actually three different output levels available. Don't get caught in SD's naming convention regarding which is a neck and which is a bridge pickup. I've actually found that I prefer one of the bridge choices for a neck pickup placement with these pickups.