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Ello ug. I was just wondering..im moving soon. Got a little 120crate or something. But all I do is play geet. So...what can I buy that I can jam to tracks and my geet same time without desturbing anyone. I tried looking but whats the best..? Im horrible with hardware. I just play so yea...hpw can I go about jamming loud in my ear to backing tracks or songs and not disturbing anyone. Please. Sorry for the typos. I m on a tablet and I just dont care. Sorry. But yea. Help. Thanks dudes/ladies. Proper,
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The Line 6 POD HD series is excellent. I have heard good things about the Zoom G3 & G5 as well, though I have no experience with them.
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If your looking for cheap, those Vox Amplugs where all the rage or something a few years ago.
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Look at the Korg Pandora PX5D or the Pandora Mini. Huge library of features on the 5D, including amps/cabs/FX plus USB recording, runs on batteries or A/C. It's also got a built-in metronome, tuner, a whole set of backing rhythm (bass and drums) tracks that can be speeded up, slowed down. In addition, it's got a slower downer (you can change the speed of recorded piece to a pace that you can work with, without changing the pitch), a pitch changer (it'll change the pitch of a song without changing the speed), a phrase trainer, an Aux input (for your MP3 player), outputs for headphones and much more. Very useful gadget for quiet practice and even recording. Both are tiny (the Mini is the smallest of the pair, but I prefer the 5D; easier to work with IMHO).

You can work with cheap earbuds, but I really recommend spending for recording-quality headphones, whether you get a Pod HD (also highly recommended, BTW), Pandora or something else. Quality can be had for $100, and don't bother spending over $200. Don't buy anything that says "Beats" or "Dr Dre". Recommended: Sony 7506, AKG 240, Sennheiser 280, BeyerDynamic 770, etc. All are hanging on hooks at good recording studios.