I've recently got this little devil thing, the metal one and i have to say. This is wayyyy more cooler than i expected. Using small Phillips headphones atm, and still great tone. have anyone tried Vox Amplugs here?
I have the metal version as well. I use it when I travel or can't have any volume coming out of my amp. I think it's great for what it is. I also run it through an external Bluetooth speaker with an aux input in some hotels.
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I have the red Satriani one. Fair enough sound, got me through when I was amp-less. It does require reasonable headphones to sound it's best, I used some Sennheiser phones.
FYI, amplugs are just a rebranded Chinese product. You can find many varieties on Amazon and eBay for much lower prices.
I have the AC30 amplug and a pair of 100 dollar Sennheisers. My main experience with it is hissing. I don't know if it might sound better if I got some better headphones but I'm afraid it's not such a great deal if you need to have really great headphones to make it work.

I HAVE had better results when I just use a spare pair of desktop pc speakers and stick with the high gain settings, but clean is all hiss all the time.

If I had my 30 dollars back I wouldn't have bought the Amplug. I'd have saved up a little bit and gotten a real amp instead.
I have an AC30 Amplug... It's decent for silent practice with headphones, but I wouldn't call the tone "great". I'd call it "acceptable" though.

Then again, the kind of thing I'm calling "great" is the sound of a real JMI-era Vox AC30
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I love them. Great for early mornings we the wife and kid are still sleeping. and they sound great.

I have the "Classic Rock" and the "Bass" one for my bass (obviously..)

Plus there is that awesomeness.
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Well, thought i was the only one. Had in mind Ac30 but metal won, i wish i hade same delay with metal amplug as the solo one.