On a previous thread, it was decided that the way we should communicate is through these threads

I posted something on an older thread to avoid spamming UG, but I guess no one saw that :P


We still need to decide the structure of the song, but not everyone agrees with that "30%" thing.

Maybe I took a bigger step than I should have, so let's take baby steps now (it's hard to do things with lots of people :S )

How should we decide on the structure and dynamics of the song, making sure no one changes a bunch of things to have it their way?
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Well, I guess that's it then

(There were a lot of people interested, if there's still a reasonable number (doubtful) I'm still up for it).

Since this is probably over, I'd like to apologize if I came off as a bossy dicknob. I just wanted to get this going, I meant well