I'm really getting into Delay pedals and have narrowed it down to these two.
I am torn between these two, which might seem strange as one has only one setting (CC) while the other gives you the option of 3 presets and Tap Tempo (Flashback).
I would use delays for solos, melodic stuff and for rock (a la Clutch).
Budget isn't really an issue as a CC is £120 but a Flashback can be bought around £170 but can essentially be used as 3 delay pedals!
The reason is I simply love the tones of the Carbon Copy, but am aware of its limitations by comparison and is analogue only. The Flashback pretty much covers all delay bases AND gives you the option of having three presets and (as I understand) can be used as a Chorus Pedal as well?

Which should I go for?
Any good / bad stories on either pedal?
Any other suggestions?

B Jones
I'd go for the Flashback X4. Not only it's more versatile than the Carbon Copy as a delay pedal, but it's also a looper pedal.
I never tried using it as a chorus pedal, though. I'm not sure it's even possible (maybe using the "toneprint" function...?).
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The Malekko Ekko 616 is a fantastic analogue delay pedal, much better than the "analogue" mode on the the Flashback. The Ekko 616 can also be used as a chorus pedal. The modulation controls on the Ekko are on the outside and easy to tweak whereas the ones on the Carbon Copy are on the inside and a pain in the arse to change.

Cant disagree that the Flashback is more versatile though. Depends what you want
between those two I would go for the flashback. Way more bang for your buck. I do like the CC but having three delays set and tap tempo is a huge plus to me
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x4 no contest. that ahouldnt even be a question. i think the carbon copy and teh regular flashback are more comparable, but even then i take the TC because it has about 8 models and they all sounds great.

the carbon copy is pretty much a 1 trick pony, the TC pulls off very convincing analog tones. i was 100% die hard analog until i got my TC. solid choice. i am sure there are better, but at 179 retail i think its almost unbeatable.

i traded in about 5 things....so i also only paid 10 bucks for my delay. that also makes me like it a lot better.
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Flashback 4x, the cc isn't that great in my opinion.
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Thanks everyone. Do any of you happen to know of the 'Chorus sounds' I hear you can get from the Flashback? Apparently you can get via the Modulation setting? Is this a myth?
Pretty sure you can only use delay tone print sounds on a delay pedal. You need their chorus pedal for chorus sounds. At least that is what I userstood when I was looking into these pedals.
Definitely the Flashback. I was debating between the regular FB and the CC, but after playing them side-by-side, I ended up going with the FB. The Carbon Copy did sound a bit better on clean passages, but the FB killed it in distorted settings. The fact that you're comparing the X4 for the CC really isn't even a contest, the X4 can do so much more than the CC ever could, and it's not that much more, according to your prices.
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The X4 can get some sort of chorus going on provided the delay time is right and mix is at full, but it's tricky and doesn't sound good, to be honest.

The delays in itself are really nice though, and the triplet function is a very nice feature as well, in my opinion. If you want a lot of modulating delays though, I'd look at something with more specific controls for that, like the EHX Deluxe Memory Boy.
I'd only get the Carbon Copy if you wanted a dark ambient delay and nothing more. It can do 1 thing great.

If you want versatility the X4 hands down. I have had both and it's worth it to have both if you can. The Carbon Copy just has that full thick dark delay I like to use for rock that I couldn't get with the flashback.

What I loved about the Flashback is you can get toneprints that combine effects. You can get Delay + Chorus, Delay + Flanger, and it's up to you how much effect you want to add in your delay. Really cool stuff.
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really the debate should be 'do it want digital or analog'

i love my malekko 616, but it does a LOT less, but it does it very well IMO. i strongly prefer the 616 to the CC though.

digital delays are much more controllable in general, especially the X4 which is exceptionally well designed.
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I have a CC and it does sound very good. I use it a lot as an ambient effect, almost in place of reverb. It just has a really good tone that sits right, you don't even need to worry about the timing. I leave the modulation on, it just makes things sound dark and is a major component of my clean tone. CC is also very good at slap back echo if you need it. I am trying to learn country and rockabilly style guitar and this is important to the tone.

However, I will be looking at a digital delay soon for more of an obvious EDGE like effect to complement the CC. I want something for that massive looping sound.