I'm not only pretty short, but also pretty lazy. As such I prefer my guitars to be small and comfortable. It's not that I can't play a 335, or that it's necessarily uncomfortable. I just prefer guitars that fit my body and hands a bit better. And are easier to carry.

With that in mind, I'm looking for a semi with humbuckers. I do like the sound of a 335, but obviously it's too big for me. I was considering the semi tele deluxe, but I'm after a more traditional, and good humbucker. Plus there's something about the tele neck that I don't like. I don't if it's the width or the depth or the radius.

I'm after some pretty vintage humbuckers, and I've nothing against replacing them in whatever guitar I get. A trem is cool too.

My budget is anywhere between £300-£1000 GBP ($500-$1660 USD), depending on how much I like the guitar.

I was considering the epi 339, but it looks funny. Plus I've a very snobbish revulsion to epis. Unless it'd be great with some very good pickups?

Any other suggestions? Needs to be widely available in the UK, too.
Well, the Ibanez Artcores spring to mind.

Iit probably fails on most of your criteria, Jon Kammerer's Chameleon is about as small and light as semihollows get. It is available in a wide variety of pickup configurations, including HH.

Stevens UK would probably make you a Teleclone semihollow HH in that price range.

Hagstrom makes the Tremar Deuce-F

Reverend makes a number of semihollows that are available in HH or miniHH configuration:






...and they're available here:
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Carvin's SH550 and SH645 series.

Not easily available in the UK, but worth it to import.
Track down a Soloway Single 15.

It's the single most comfortable guitar I've ever played.

Dual humbucker semi-hollow that's thin, smaller than a 335, and you can get it with a 16" radius fretboard and 24.75" or 25.5" or 27" scales and you can get it with his "fingerstyle" fretboard, which has a nut width of 1 13/16th" and that *maintains* that extra 1/8th" all the way to the custom designed bridge.

www.jimsoloway.com or www.solowayguitars.com.
Epiphone ES-339. Semi hollow & LP sized!
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