I was wondering whether the LL6(the older version, not the new 2014 model) is truly worth the higher price. (as compared to the FG730S) The LL6 is slightly out of my budget, but I'll buy it, provided it's actually worth it. Plus, it comes with a hardshell case unlike the FG730s.

I play TONS of John Mayer, and do lots of finger picking. I also intend to learn percussive.

What would you recommend?

Thanks in advance.
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I prefer the sound of the englemann top on the LL6, also the neck feels better.(my opinion). For finger picking the LL6 has a wider nut which makes it a bit easier. Check out seagull as well. If you can, try to play them side by side, (I know the yamaha LL models can be hard to find).

Have fun looking.
for a few more bucks, you can also get an all solid recording king with an adirondack top. i'm a sucker for adi tops, which also hold up better for harder strumming

or for less, you can get the all solid recording king with the sitka top

and the guild GAD D-125 is a darn nice all-solid all mahogany guitar with nice tone for a few bucks more.

that being said, i'd probably go with the LL6 for the wider nut alone, but otherwise i'd suggest trying all the guitars you can and getting the one that sounds and feels best to you.
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Thanks a lot for the advice, Ghobby and Patticake, appreciate it.

The problem is that my options are extremely limited, due to low availability.

I basically have a choice between these 2 guitars, Takamine's and Ibanez's.