Hey guys,

i have finally got two amps with a multi fx pedal that can do signal split so I'm very excited to try it out

can someone give me any tips how to make the most out of stereo guitar playing
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can someone give me any tips how to make the most out of stereo guitar playing

ping pong delay. each successive repeat switches between your amps. it's pretty cool.
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Used that rig for several years.

Experimentation, is the key here.
A bit of modulated detuning in the signal to one amp makes a nice stereo chorus.
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i keep a AB/Y switch in the studio all the time. the MKIV and tremoverb have a nice contrast when either mixed or useing one with a lead and popping the other in for something.

ping pong delay is awesome too.

i like how my electric mistress is really cool in stereo (built in extra jack)

get some different effects and play around. its fun.
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ping pong delay. each successive repeat switches between your amps. it's pretty cool.

This. You can get this with a BOSS DD-7 in stereo mode.

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wet/dry effects can also sound cool, like a phaser or harmonizer in one amp while keeping the other amp clean.

i like the ping pong delays and i also have a mutron biphase that sound really big in stereo. also my vibe-style pedal sound really cool in stereo, it seems different amps respond to it quite differently and this seems to emphasize the stereo field.
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i have always liked running two amps for leads. (although its not really stereo this way, despite being two amps, its still mono.) ill run one smaller ish amp very hard, so that its nice and overdriven. no other effects on this amp. the other amp has more headroom, so its just on the verge of breaking up, but a nice big open clean sound. this amp gets plenty of reverb and a touch of delay. then of course they are mixed to mono, so you get this really big sound. It sounds overdriven, the clean amp brings in lots and lots of clarity, while the reverb and delay really round it out and making it sound huge. its sounds good for rhythm too, unless there are other guitars or keys in the mix, it can get a little busy then.
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