Dr. Z M12 - 12 watt, 1X12" Greenback $1099. No nicks, flaws, scratches anywhere. Comes with extra set of new tubes (and the tubes in the amp have only 30 hours on them)

Turn this amp above 2/3 and it will kick your butt. I've personally never heard an amp that will give it up like this one does.

And if you keep it clean, it sounds like a boutique amp is supposed to sound. Dr. Z writes that it eats pedals up because it uses an EF86-type tube which makes your pedals sound like "they're built into the amp".

This includes a set of new backup tubes. Actually, I forgot to buy a new EF86-type tube, but everything else comes with it. All new and unused. The tubes that are in it now are perfectly good though, because they only have maybe 30 hours on them. I tried to match the brands to the tubes that came with this amp. 2- E-Harmonix EL84s, 1- 12AX7, 1-5Y3 rectifier tube and like I said. They're in the pictures.

The amp is 1 year old, bought new at Willie's in Minneapolis/St Paul. It probably doesn't have more than 30 hours playing time on it in that whole year. (I have too many amps) There is not one scratch or mark or tear anywhere on this amp. I have taken perfect care of it. I mean, I paid $1650 for a 12 watt amp. I'm going to take care of it!

I live 90 miles southwest of Minn/St Paul in Eau Claire, WI.

This amp really IS amazing. I had a very hard decision to make to sell it. I had what I thought was one amps too many, and it got cut finally. That said, it is almost undoubtedly the highest quality amp I've ever owned. And I'm comparing it to some fine amps, IMO.

It runs on 2- EL84s, has a very large power transformer for the size of the amp, (which may be what gives it that extraordinary ability to "give up the goods") ---that is a phrase I never really understood until I owned this amp. You should know what "gives up the goods" means when you push this into hard territory. I've never seen an amp like this. It has a very clean signal path -1 volume knob, 1 bass knob, 1 treble knob is all that it has. And it has a simple 2-position switch which lets you choose lo or high input (more clean or more crunch basically-- depends on how hot your pickups are.)

The Greenback performs amazingly. It has this woody sound and when you drive it hard, I think it gives a bit of break-up, and is it ever sweet.

I bought a Heritage G12H 55hz Greenback (the expensive one) to give it more bottom end and it's great with that too. I though of selling it with that, but I think I may want to keep the Heritage. If you wanted the Heritage, I'd have to charge more, but I'm not sure I want to part with it. I might include both speakers if the price was right, I don't know.

This amp is a monster. I think it should hang with a drummer, and if not I'd have a talk with my drummer. It's a big 12 watts, as I think Dr. Zs are supposed to be. The quality of the tone on this amp is pretty darn stunning to me. Notes stand out so well.

Well, that's about it. I'm at 715-514-4417. My name is Brian.