wow this pedal sounds good. i heard about modding pedals before, i was wondering if this is do-able with this pedal. Is there any way to make this sound a little more 6v6/6L6-ish?
Can't think of any, nor can find any.

Modding pedals is doable when they have standard (non smd) components and you know what to do, and here the components are standard.
Though it's not a matter of just substituting a cap that's there in every pedal, so you gotta know what you're doing if you don't wanna screw the thing up, and I can't find anybody who already modded it and posted some schematic, so don't buy it for the purpose of modding it if you don't know how to mod it to make it sound like what you want.

Also, while it's doable to modify pedals, there's an array of them so wide out there that it's generally preferable to buy what you want than to mod something to make it what you want, and since your budget looks pretty high you can probably find something that better suits your needs out of the box.
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If you're looking for a mid-to-high gain, american style distortion, i'd try the:

  • Tech 21 SansAmp California;
  • Mesa/Boogie Throttle Box;
  • AMT Electronics R1 Legend amps pedal.

If you want to go the DIY route, get a Dr. Boogey kit and build it yourself.
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