Frankenstrat'd this one together.

Bought a Root Beer Float (flake) body that had the hardware in it. Swapped out the pots for CTS 250k's on the Volume and Neck tone, and a CTS 500K with an orange drop on the bridge. Wired the middle pickup to the neck tone pot as well.

Standard Mexi Strat pup in the middle, and a Texas Special I had lying around in the neck. Soaked the pickups covers in coffee for a couple days because why not.

Neck is a from a 2009 MiM Player Deluxe Strat, which is nice, because I like the fender Modern Shape with a 12" radius better than the 9.5". Too bad it wasn't one of the newer ones that had the silver spaghetti logo. Threw locking tuners on it.

Bridge is the Seymour Duncan JB that came with it.

Shimmed it, set it up, put thick strings on it. It's a rock n' roller.

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Dude, sweeeeeeeeet finish on that Frankenstrat. HNGD
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I like the coffee effect. You can work on my stuff any day. I respect that build a lot more than someone who goes out and buys a 12000 dollar harp looking thingy.
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I like the coffee effect.

This was my first go around. I'm happy with the effect. I read somewhere that the Fender licensed accessories are the way to go, because the cheap plastic ones don't stain well. Glad I listened!
Looks schweet Rooster!
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what's cool is, if you take the finish off of the body the finish will retain the strat shape.

damn jake that's a beauty right there.
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Any plans to change the SC covers to Black?

They were, I made them cream.

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what's cool is, if you take the finish off of the body the finish will retain the strat shape.

damn jake that's a beauty right there.