I am looking to get a new guitar and i have come up with a model i have never seen or heard about its called Schecter C-1 Hellraiser or Schecter Hellraiser Extreme C-1 , not sure what the difference is between the to modes apart from price but if any one knows let me know please ? I would also like to know how they compare with ESP LTD I guess i couldnt find an ESP LTD without a tremolo to compare it with so if anyone has this guitar let me know .
Schecter is one of the most popular brands on this forum.

I believe they are on par with ESP Ltd. I believe ESP and Schecter are owned by the same people and that the Korean Ltd-line and Schecters are made in the same factory, which I have heard before, but don't quote me on it as I am not 100% sure.

I bought a Schecter Blackjack V-1 a few weeks ago and I must say I am very impressed with the guitar. I have previously played a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser which I also were very impressed with at the time.

The main difference between Ltd MH1000-series and Schecter Hellraiser C-1 is probably a difference in neck-profile, where the Schecter at least to me feels a bit thicker and more rounded. Otherwise they seem to be as close as guitars can be.
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Hellraiser extreme just has a quilted maple top as far as im aware, just aesthetically.
the extreme seems to have the option of ebony or flamed maple fretboards. the normal one just has a rosewood board.

different covers on the pickups. the extreme looks to have a normal (non-splittable) emg 81 but that could well just be a typo on the spec sheet. EDIT: nope perhaps not, the extreme only has one push-pull so it might not be a typo. i'm guessing they wanted that fancy cover and were willing to do without the splittable pickup for that?

the extreme seems to be neck-thru whereas the normal one is set neck

basically the extreme is slightly higher end but a lot of the differences are probably just cosmetic (or at least not actually objectively "better", more "different").

might well be some more differences i've missed, i just skimmed them.

you're talking about these ones, right?



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The main difference between Ltd MH1000-series and Schecter Hellraiser C-1 is probably a difference in neck-profile, where the Schecter at least to me feels a bit thicker and more rounded. Otherwise they seem to be as close as guitars can be.

They Korean models are made in the same factory using many of the same parts.
Schecter Diamond Series and ESP LTDs are often made in the same factories using the same parts - they're similar quality.

That being said, the necks are slightly thicker on those Schecters (compared to the ESP "thin U"). They're otherwise quite similar.
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I have a Damien FR, it's been a great guitar, though the Floyd is a Special and not the Original. I can definitely vouch for Schecter, just seemed better than any ESPs I saw at the particular Guitar Center. You should try them out for yourself, see which one you prefer, I sat in the store for like 3 hours before I chose the Schecter.
I have a few years old Hellraiser c1. I love it. Once I got it set up professionally, it started playing like butter. I've had numerous compliments on how nice it feels. Theyre good guitars, particularly for the price. Try one out, some people hate the necks. I think it's quite a comfortable neck. The LTDs have slimmer necks which you may/may not prefer.
I just bought a Schecter SD-2 from Japan last month and its been one hell of an awesome guitar so far. Its got the SuperRocks and MonsterTone pickups and they sure are powerful. The workmanship is pretty decent too (as expected from Japan) and the Gotoh GE1996T floyd rose that came with it is rock solid stable as well.

Never tried any of the korean or US made ones, but I guess they cant be that bad.
I'm a big Schecter guy, and I've loved every one I've had. Even the cheap ones play extremely well.
I know they're made in the same factory, using a lot of the same parts. They're all perfectly fine guitars, that are good enough to use on stage.

For some reason, I've always felt that the LTD stuff seemed to sound a little better. Just my opnion, and I've played quite a few of each.
I've owned the hellraiser c1 and currently the ltd mh1000.

The main difference between the extreme and "standard" hellraiser is that the extreme had an ebony fingerboard, thinner body and neck as well as a satin finish including the back of the neck.

The extreme is much more comparable to the LTD in my opinion, in terms of sound and feel.

The hellraiser had almost a les Paul-ish round neck profile whereas the ltd is more "D" shaped.

Long story short I much prefer my LTD over the hellraiser. The quality is much better,
The sound and feel are much better to me as well. I'm not saying the hellraiser is a bad guitar, it's just to me the LTD is a better fit for me.
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There are loads of used Schecters out there. They are cheap, and the Korean-made models are well worth the money. Most models don't have Duncans or EMGs, but they are just as good as the Hellraiser and Blackjack models. Just look around, I'm sure you can find a hardtail for around $300. Then just throw whatever bridge pickup you like into it and you're good to go.

Also, Korean Schecters and Korean LTDs are basically the same thing, save for a few dimensions and aesthetic differences.
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Here's my NGD on a Schecter I bought literally four days ago, https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1638331

I really like them, I played four before deciding on the one I got. I'm so tempted to sell my Gibson Faded for one of the other ones, as I really liked those more!

Why would you do that??
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Cause I just like these more, I think it's to do with the scale length and the ebony, plus it just feels better to me to play, just personal preference I think.
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