Hey everyone I'm new here and new at playing guitar, any advice on picking out the best bang for my buck first time guitar?
I'm assuming you're talking about an acoustic guitar. First, have a guitar in mind that you would like to have. Then, you first have to find the right size. There are four general guitar sizes: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full sized. It depends all on your height. People 11+ use the full size guitar.

Next, the most important part of buying a guitar is feeling comfortable. When you play, you should not feel as though your elbow is too high or too low - just right. Do not go for looks. Go for the one that feels most comfortable and sounds the best in your opinion.

On the topic of sound make sure there are no buzzing sounds in the guitar. I believe the buzzing sounds occur mostly in 1, 3 and 13.

Finally, the most crucial part of buying is the price. Do not go for cheap guitars and don't go for high - end guitars either. Since this is just your first one, you're probably gonna buy another one. Also go off your budget and choose a guitar not too cheap nor expensive. There are many good afforable and durable guitars out there. One last thing before I go DO NOT LET THE SALESMAN SALE'S TALK YOU INTO BUYING AN EXPENSIVE GUITAR.

Hope this helped and wasn't too long for you to read Good luck in your guitar playing and don't give up!

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