Hello everyone this is my first time posting on these forums but anyway i got a problem well to start my Gear: Schecter Gryphon With Bill Lawrance L500XL "B&B Wilde" Version and a Randall RH100 G2 anyway now the Problem is that i changed the pickups there 100% Installed correctly and i change the strings after i installed the pickups and when i play my guitar i hear a kinda Metallic/Metal sounds like not "Heavy Metal" but Like "Playing a guitar with a penny kinda sound :P i adjusted the bridge several times and adjusted the pickups and well i'm ruining out of ideas as to why am i having this problem so any suggestions will be awesome because i'm stumped and btw i have a "Dime Razor Back" and it sounds perfect ruining threw my amp so its not the amp but anyway please leave any tips or suggestions. Thanks
is this happening on every string or just one?

is the pickup hitting the strings at all? hitting any frets?
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Its happening on every string when i do power chords or normal chords and yes i have a fan in my room but its never on.