It only sounds okay when i directly connect the DS2 to the power supply. When its connected to the daisy chain the distortion sounds fractured, yet even when i disconnect every other pedal from the chain and connect ONLY the DS2 it makes problems. No matter what how i wire it or in what order the distortion sounds off (the other pedals sound fine though).

I have no clue why my ds acts out like that
Able to try another leg in the chain?
The one may be bad.

Is it the last in the chain?
Might be time to upgrade your power supply to something thats regulated and/or isolated. Cheap daisy chains are known for causing unwanted noise with certain pedals.
That ^^^^^
Some pedals don't play well with others when the power is daisy chained.
Try a battery (Just as a test) and see what happens.
What power supply are you using?
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