So, I run a Vintage guitar into a Boss ME 70 and then I go into a Peavey bandit 112 Transtube. I use a footswitch to change between the clean and the gain channels.

Ok, the clean channel works perfectly. I can apply any efect and it will sound ok for me. Delays act normal, reverbs act normal, everything seems to be ok.

Problem is with the gain channels. I don't understand why delay aplies only to the LAST NOTE of any phrase I am playing and not to every note throughout the phrase and only if the last note is very short. Above that, only the first feedback has the at same amount of gain as the original phrase played, then it gradually goes clean.

Same s**t happens if I go from the ME 70 input to the send of the Peavey and from the return of the Peavey to the output of the ME 70 and the guitar straight into the amp. Same story, no delays until I stop playing, and then the delays get gradually cleaner.

I hope you will notice something wrong at my setup. I'v used the Me 70's distorsions enough to know that my amp's distorsion simply sounds better, so no ME 70 distorsions ( althou I could aply delay and stuff to that distorsion and it wound sound awesome, but still not as awesome as it would sound with the amp distorsion delayed normally )

I wrote so much, oh my .. anyweys, thank's alot for your time guys&girls!
Im gonna go ahead and guess that it goes clean because each repetition from the delay is at lower intensity. Its the same as turning down the volume knob on your guitar, it would go from distortion to clean. I guess the other delays get lost in all the distortion.
But i have no idea why it happens if you put it in the effects loop. That just sounds wierd. Are you sure you pluged it in corectly?
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
Yeah, that was it .. I just hate the fact that now my amp goes into feedback really quickly if I don't play any note as if the noise gate isn't there .. but I figured out a quick jump onto my volume pedal can help alot. Thank's for your reply!