I hope this is right place. I want to pick up guitar again. I Box you see and injured my hand a while back and...well that turned from a valid excuse to an invalid excuse to...well not playing for years and years. It's not great loss as I was never any good. I had a few lessons back when I had time and I'm not sure what the hell was going on. I somehow learnt how to do alternative and economy picking rather well but my chords were sloppy. I could follow certain songs (Blind Guardian - Bard's Song) if they involved lots of picking but even basic songs like Staind - Been a While made me sound awful. It's like...I looked at the sheet music and I pressed the notes but there was a massive dichotomy between what came out. I was awful.

I want to get back into it and I don't know how to re-start. I don't have time for lessons and have minimal time overall so I guess I'd have to self-teach (no idea that could be done!) I think...I need something structured, which introduces techniques and concepts as you go along but not TOO slow like Alfred's Guitar which has you learn note by note. I have a series of Jazz learning books by Jody Fisher but they're...well they seem good but I'm clueless. Before I used to practice techniques all the time and I enjoyed it but I guess I need to learn how to play...you know...songs?

Sorry if this is a repetitive topic.

Oh and as for gear I've got a beat up Jay Turser Les Paul knock off and an old marshal MG15DFX if it in anyway matters. I may pick up a parlour guitar.