I've done a cover of a song (part of me by Katy Perry) acoustically
I'm thinking of adding some synth beats into it

Like some snare, maybe some hi-hat and bass drum etc.
To give the piece some more rhythmic backing.

Problem is, I don't really know where to start regarding this :/
So I'm looking for some advice regarding synth drumbeats (think reverberated snare/similar)
I'm using logic, and I could do with some pointing in the right direction for kits on the EXS24

Any advice here regarding putting in synth beats/similar would be lovely
At that point, have a look at some ultrabeat presets.
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Well, making digital drums is regarded in the (electronic) producer world as make or break factor.

If your drums are good, you can basically throw farts and random sounds over it and it will still work...which also happens a lot atm

Maybe give a youtube link to a particular drum sound you are after. Then it will be easy for me to tell you how to get in the ballpark.

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