Hello guys,

I am looking for a pedal Harmonizer (3rd, 4rd, 6rd etc ..) , but I hesitate between two model :



What would you advise me?

One is a bit in the "multi-effects" type while the other is more specialized in harmonizer I find.

Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad english, I'm french.

Have a good day !


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Just for the harmonies I'd get the boss.
Though, I'd get the whammy and play with it and use the other (in my opinion more useful) features.
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I have the harmonist, and depending on what set I play, I use it as a harmoniser, whammy or even off-chorus. I love it, and it takes up a lot less space than a whammy
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The actual harmonizer (2 note signals, the original plus the harmony note) on the whammy is not that good or versatile. For that, get something else. But for a full wet pitch shift (one signal shifted up, Tom Morello-style) you'd get the whammy.
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Ok, In fact I just need for the harmonies so I'll take the Boss PS-6.

Thank you guys for you help !!!!!
"Sans la musique, la vie serait une erreur" Nietzsche
For once, I'd say BOSS. It works decently.
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Digitech's "harmonist" functions are not auto-harmonies like the BOSS which switches between minor and major 3rds/5ths/6ths etc. You can only do perfect 3rds/blahblah with the digitech.

Digitech does have a pedal like that though called the harmonyman.