FS:for sale MARSHALL ValveState 2000 AVT50H GUITAR AMP HEAD $180 Florida US

Marshall ValveState 2000 AVT50H, Guitar Amp Head.

This amp is sounds and works great!

Has a crisp, clean channel, that also has a nice classic rock or blues sound when gain is turned up.

The overdrive channel is pure metal once gain is turned up to 8! But also can get a classic rock sound when gain is below 5.

This is a hybrid solid state amp with one internal 12AX7 tube for tone and overdrive.

Genuine Marshall tone, capable of everything from crystal clean to ulta high gain overdrive tones. Very loud for a 50 Watt amp but sounds great at low volumes too.

Features: Channel Switching, Reverb, CD & Headphone Inputs, FX Loop Send & Return, Emulated Direct Out, 4 to 16 impedance.

Asking $180.00 + Shipping/Packaging.