How long is a piece of string?

It depends on how good you are and how hard the piece of music is - it's impossible to answer
Some people can pick up some solos in hours, some will take weeks.
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Probably somewhere between about 32 seconds and 469 years.

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This question has no answer. It depends on the person and the solo. Some solo's i can pick up in 20minutes, others will take me weeks
It also depends on the person's familiarity with the style of music. Oftentimes you will see stock licks that are very common to a style of music, and if you have them or something real similar in your bag of tricks then you'll be able to learn that part of the solo very quickly. Also, the length of the solo makes a big difference of course.
Personally, it has varied from more or less sight reading it directly to the well over a year I spent on Sea of Lies (and still only nailing it at tempo twice ever - I had to be playing out of my mind to be able to hit it).
It took me 3 years to learn the Erotomania solo. That really fast bit took me forever to get comfortable with. This was mostly because the solo was way above my level, but practicing it made me a better player.
The time it takes period!

It all depends on the player and the music. Some players never get it and some can spend a minute to x amount of years getting a solo down.

I can play Hendrix type solos right away but any Yngwie takes time.
I would rephrase it as "how much patience on average does it take to learn a guitar solo?".