Hey guys, I've looked everywhere but I haven't found a solid explanation for this matter.

I understand that thicker strings of an electric guitar are more prone to sharpening when fretted. I notice on most guitars Tune-o-Matic bridges are positioned so that the bass side of the bridge is stationed further from the nut than the treble side to compensate for this.

What I want to know is if there is a way to calculate the effective string length so I can figure out where the saddles of the bridge should sit.

Say I was making a 25" scale guitar, where the 12th fret is positioned 12.500" from the nut. Based on this how can figure out where and at what angle the bridge should be positioned?

I hope this makes sense, Thanks in advance!

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You can use the stew mac fret calculator. It gives you a pretty precise number for exact placement.
But generally, it is pretty simple. Scale length is from nut to bridge, where the strings touch at both ends.
All of my 25" scale guitars i just drilled the treble side post right in the center of 25" and put the bass side 1/8" back. Never had a problem with it.