Hi all,

I dont quite have the space for a full isolation box for my closed back 4x12 cab. But I do have a few panels (taller than my 4x12) of very dense wood (not sure what kind of wood it is), and a whole bunch of roxul stone wool. I was wondering- if I hinge the panels together (sort of like those plexiglass shields), line the inside of them with 3" (or more) of stone wool, place this enclosure in front of my cab with my cab close micc'd, and then perhaps place another panel on top of the U-ish shaped enclosure with more stone wool lining it.. would this provide decent isolation for recording and decent volume reduction?

My cab wouldnt be fully enclosed unfortunately, but it is closed back and highly directional in volume and tone, and the room that i play in stinks and suffers from nasty reflections. Im hoping this would clean it up a lot. Does this sound like a decent solution?

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If you're close micing then room reflections shouldn't be a huge issue. It is unlikely to reduce the volume much at all, it'll just dampen the high frequencies a bunch.