Hello everyone!

I have started to save money to get a new axe in a few months. I've been playing my LTD F-250 for about 6 years, and, while I love it so f***ing much, I would like to have an higher end model in my hands. The only problem: I really don't know what to get.

Location: I live in Quebec, Canada

Favorite music to play: Thrash and Death metal

Mandatory specs:
-NO FLOYD ROSE! I don't like dealing with them, and I would hardly ever use it
-Neck through or set neck, I love easy access to high notes
-24 frets

Non-mandatory stuff that would be kind of cool to have but I won't be bitching about:
-Superstrat shape, I like those
-Unfinished neck, doesn't get sticky when your hands get wet
-Non-gloss black color options

Budget: I am very flexible about that, but it would be great not to pay more than 1500$

So far I have been looking at 3 different models:
-Jackson KEXTMG, but I have been kind of worried since I've heard it was made in China
-Charvel Desolation DX-1, but also worried about Chinese craftmanship
-Schecter C-1 Blackjack ATX

So I'm simply asking for other suggestions about what I should get, since I really don't know right now, but as of now, I'm slightly going towards the Schecter
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You'll get better help if we know your budget.

In the meantime, look at these:

Fernandes' Dragonfly- MiK, made for harder rock & metal. These normally cost much more, but Fernandes is selling a limited number of guitars directly to the public at ridiculous clearance prices. (There are other models on that site, equally discounted and worth considering.)

Godin Redline HB- made in Canada, and equally targeted at the metal guitarist.

Reverend Bayonet- MIK, and a hard rock & metal machine. This one is slightly used and the Bayonet model has only 22 frets, but its pickups are designed with drop tuning in mind.
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If you don't mind the string-thru bridge, this guitar plays very nicely, and I'd think you would appreciate the EMG's playing thrash/death.

If you don't mind the V style, the Jackson Randy Rhoads is a nice metal guitar. The Kelly you mentioned looks decent as well.

Even though Dean has gone down in quality, as well as made about a million different Dimebag models of ML's, I've played the Angel of Deth and was very impressed. I was actually blown away by it. I was expecting an overpriced hunk, but it's not. It's light, yet very solid, the fretboard is very comfortable. With the pickups already in there and some high guage strings I would definitely own this for a strictly metal guitar.

The Desolation series get mixed reviews. Some people love them, but there are enough negative accounts of bad products that I'd still be wary.

My suggestion would be a Jackson SL2Q.

Or any other Jackson SL2 style that gets the job done. The Pro Series is Indonesian-made, which have produced some quality stuff the last few years. That's where many runs of Ibanez Premiums and G&L Tributes have come from, so good quality.