Hey guys,

So i just got a new amp, it's a Strauss Class A SV-CL30, basically a 30 watt tube amp to keep it simple but i really like that 80's hard rock distortion sound (GnR, RATT, Metallica etc.) that's what i'm looking for in a distortion pedal, now, i've never bought any pedal before so i really would appreciate you guys just giving me some names that would get me that sound i'm looking for.

Thanks guys.
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I don't really see how guns' tone compare to metallica's, though what's your budget?
'cause if you have the money, a wrampler triple wreck will do anything.

If you're on a budget I'd go for some high gain distortion pedal turned up for metallica and turned down for guns, something like the mxr metal muff or the joyo pocket/extreme metal if you're on the cheap.
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what's the amp like?
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My guess would be Wampler Pinnacle, GNR and Metallica had drastically different tones.

Slash used a modded Plexi that they thought was a JCM800 (until they made the AFD100). And James and Kirk from Metallica used Mesa Mark IIC+ amps during MoP. Before that they used Marshall Plexis with master volumes that you can see in their old pictures but always had the mids decently scooped.

I think the Pinnacle can cover those sounds very well. Its made to cover EVH's sound from the dimed Marshall plexi to the scooped sound of the 5150 (now called 6505).

That's all I can think of without saying just get Mark V.

My Mark V has the Mark IIC+ preamp and a decent brit sound on the channel two "crunch" preamp.
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To get a nice if not identical tone to guns and roses or ratt I recommend a boss ds1. It's very subtle and basic those guys weren't huge distortion freaks. As for a Metallica tone I love the mxr fullbore metal pedal! It will get you any metal tone you desire and has a built in noise gate so you won't have to buy a noise suppresser . Also pickups have a lot to do with tone more then I will ever realize for guns and ratt? Seymour Duncan jb for Metallica they use emg pickups but they can be pricey so...I'd recommend a bill Lawrence blade pickup( you can get on on amazon for about 45-50$) hope this helps.
For other peoples' reference, the Strauss is basically a Fender Bassman but with EL34 valves in the power amp and, I think, one more gain stage.

For the G'n'R stuff, you don't want a distortion pedal, you want an overdrive pedal. Your amp has enough base gain to get you two thirds of the way there and an OD pedal will knock you the rest of the way. Try something with a fairly flat tone—not a Tube Screamer clone—like a Boss OD-3 or DigiTech Screamin' Blues.

For the harsher distortion of RATT, you could either go for a harsher OD like a Tube Screamer, Bad Monkey or SD-1, or you could set the amp clean and use a milder amp-impersonating distortion like a HardWire SC-2, Blackstar HT-DIST or Boss ST-2. Most of these could also be vaguely pushed to get early Metallica-style tones or rolled back to work as (not terribly great) overdrives for the amp's own distortion, but they wouldn't ideal. It's opting for three sort-of-right tones instead of one or two actually-right tones and one not-right one.

For Metallica, your amp is indeed pretty inappropriate so a full-on distortion pedal is the way to go. Unfortunately this is also where your choice becomes more limited, because the vast majority of ''metal'' distortion pedals are utter garbadge. A TL-2, DS-2 (if you really push it) or HT-DISTX will get the job done. Boss also have the ML-2 which is "not awful" and the Power ST-2 can be pushed to fairly metal territory, but you really do have to max it out and that's never going to be great.

In truth, I doubt you'll be able to get all the tones you want from one single pedal. I think you'd be better off anticipating having to buy two, and buy one fairly high-gain distortion pedal and one fairly low-gain and flat-toned overdrive pedal, so that way you can get mx your amp's own sound, an additional overdrive sound and a full distortion sound in any way you need.
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