I'm curious about a few things regarding the legal status of shared tabs and UG Pro files. I'm a musician, and (sorry if I offend here) not a big fan of the RIAA. Once upon a time, the Online Guitar Archive (OLGA) was the longest running database on the internet, where people shared free tablature, until the RIAA shut it down as a violation of artists' rights. I may be misstating this, but that was the gist as I understood it.

So my questions are:

Has that stance changed, or does UG provide some royalties to the RIAA and/or individual copyright holders?

What are the rights UG gives to users with their content? Can I share Guitar Tab Pro files with a friend? Can I write a program that imports the format? What about copy-pasting plain text TAB files for personal use in other software?

I don't mean for these questions to be provocative. My curiosity is partly just that -- I always resented the shutdown of OLGA (and Napster) and wonder how it came to be resurrected. Also, as a programmer who works on some music apps, I'd like to know ahead of time whether my code might use UG files or if that would be in violation of your policies.

Thanks for any replies -- please don't attack me for asking! I'm not trolling, just want to know the legal rights.