Psalms are sweaty
Knees weak, cross is heavy
Vomit on his tunic already
Turning water into Spaghetti

He's nervous,
but on the surface he looks calm and ready
to forgive! But he keeps on getting,
pelted by rocks so heavy! The whole crowd
goes so loud to give a couple nails, a crown.
They forsake him, loyalty goes out,
everybody's guilty now!
The clock's run out,
he's on the hill, the hammer goes blaow!

Snap back to Gethsemane,
oh there goes loyalty,
oh there goes Jesus,
he choked, he's so sad but he won't
give up that easy,
He won't have it,
he knows this world is on the ropes,
it don't matter, he's hope,
he knows that but he broke,
he's so scared, he knows
when he goes with the men from Rome
that's when he's gonna get damned again,
yo, it's about to get bloody,
he allows his capture for 'tonement
and hopes we don't lose him.

You better lose yourself in the God of this world, planet earth, and you better never let him go.

You don't just get one shot, you confess and your sins dissolve.

This opportunity comes no matter what crime.

Eminem wept.

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