I was playing my guitar through my Marshall JCM2000 head and Marshall 1960 LEAD cab and suddenly it just stops working, after making a sound like as if I pulled the jack out of the guitar. The amp turns on but nothing comes out. I've tried my guitar on a spare amp and it works. Please HELP. Cheers.
Were your ohms matched correctly?

Did you check the main fuse in the back?

Did you smell anything burning?

Do the tubes light up?
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1-Ohms were both set at 16

2-Regarding the main fuse its intact, BUT regarding the "HT Fuse" its not broken but it does appear to be a bit burned and has been deformed. I shall try and upload a picture.

3-No burning smell

4-The tubes light up a dim orange
replace the fuse with the same kind/value and try it again

is this an older DSL/TSL, pre 2004? They had some over heating issues that can be fixed, but it will take some skill or a little $$. My DSL100 did this 1 month after I bought it. I had it fixed and haven't had any issues in 1.5 yrs
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Im not sure of it age, but there is serial number on the back starting with "M-2005-..-....-A". Maybe its form 2005. I'll get hold of a fuse ASAP. How much money would I have to spend to get the overheating problem fixed?