I'm currently saving towards the acquisition of some really nice piece of gear, around the £1000 mark.

I'm in the fortunate position to own a couple of great guitars and a pretty good amp.

Initially I had intended to put it towards an LP-style guitar, perhaps a Gibson or Duesenberg 49er.

However I began to wonder today whether spending the money on something else may be more beneficial... Perhaps an amp?
My Classic 30 is lovely, but I wonder if there are better options out there. My ideal amp would have those stunning 'Fender' cleans, as I use pedals for dirt. I wouldn't want a hugely powerful amp - 30 watts has been more than loud enough but more watts = more headroom, right?

So, thoughts - get an LP type guitar which I have serious GAS for at the moment, or upgrade my amp to something special? In which case, any suggestions for amps with really nice 'Fender' cleans which would be a big step up from the Classic 30? It would also be nice if they weren't back-breakingly heavy. Also, I'm located in the UK, so sadly offerings from companies like Matchless, Bad Cat, Dr Z etc. are hideously expensive over here

Apologies for the long post, and if this is the wrong section! Figured this was somewhere between GG&A and here...

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Look at a fender drri amazing amps
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I have 20+ guitars and 1 amp, so guess what I'm going to suggest.

Get an amp.

My amp is a Fender HRD, for many of the same reasons you state, and it does nearly everything I ask of it. But it doesn't do the heavier stuff too well, so now I'm looking at Orange and Mesa.

Guitars are great. They give us G.A.S.

But amps give us our TONE. And good amps cost more than good guitars, IMHO. So if you're not quite satisfied with what your amp is delivering, it is time for a new amp.

In my own personal amp hunt, I was focused on Orange almost exclusively. But some fellow UG-ers have suggested some of the lower-wattage Mesas would give me Fender-like cleans- which Orange might not deliver- along with better metal tones.
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It depends.

You already have a loud as hell amp (30watt tube, right?). You should be able to play that thing in any venue without mic'ing up unless we're talking a stadium or arena (in which case you probably don't need to be deciding between a new guitar or a new amp, right?) As long as the cleans sound good to you, then why get anything different?

On the other had, if you feel that the amp's sound could be better (I can see by your signature that you already have some decent guitars rolling too), then get the amp.

Fender amps are great for clean and then running some pedals up front. They generally take pedals quite well. I'm actually running a Fender Champ 25SE (old 25 watt tube from the 90s that got discontinued) that I picked up for next to nothing (<$200). The overdrive channel is garbage, but the clean is like any fender and it takes my board, well, like a champ lol.

If you go the amp route, you could always pick up some pickups if you need to get a better sound out of your guitar. Pickups are relatively easy to install (Just need a soldering iron) and can radically change the sound of a guitar.

I come from the camp that tone is everything (after you've gotten good at your instrument anyway). So if you're not happy with the amp, buy a new amp. If you're not feeling the guitar's tone, get some new pickups. OR you could pick up some new pedals (honestly, that would be my first choice. I have mad GAS for pedals).

The only reason I would think to get a new guitar is if I either couldn't do what I wanted with it (i.e. Doesn't have a trem system and I need one) or if the neck isn't up to par. Anything else can be fixed, be it new tuners, pickup replacement, truss rod adjustment, or a bridge replacement. Aesthetics shouldn't be your first concern when you buy gear.

After you sound great and play great, you can worry about looking great
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