Would've never thought to put a ported head on the batter side of a kick drum and then mic it, but damn - that sounds good! I just so happen to have a 22" Fiberskyn head with a port sitting around that I might have to try this with on one of my sets!
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I've had tube amps for a while now, but never actually had any go down on me
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maybe you're not saying the right things? an amp likes to know you care.

I tried playing my bass drum backwards and it didn't sound really good.
This doesn't really sound good either if you ask me...
Name's Luca.

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I don't know anything about this topic, but I just clicked on this thread because of your username :O
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Clue: amplifiers amplify so don't turn it on if you need quiet.
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I guess spambots are now capable of reading minds.