bassist has an orange bass cab and they come with black grill cloths, so put some fender black cloth on, don't know why Orange don't bring the 4x12s out in it because its bad ass!
added our bands logo to it haha

I've found the fender cloth doesn't affect the sound of the speakers as much as the orange cloth does and sounds a brighter, the original cloth is heaps thicker anyway yeah thought I'd share!
Looks sweet, nice job man
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Wow, that looks pretty sleek.

I wonder what an Orange looks like with a salt and pepper cloth.
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I’m sure they don’t do these stock because most people don’t want a setup that looks like the Great Pumpkin. But I dig it, and if I were you I’d get a huge Orange logo made to replace the stock appointments.
Now you only need led strips

I preferred the old logo though.
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I can't tell exactly what your band logo looks like. At the size we're seeing it, it actually looks a bit like a sectioned orange (small "o"). You guys are going to be in demand at Halloween.

Add a Rockbat or two...

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Haha thanks guys! I live in Australia we don't really celebrate Halloween in fact a pumpkin never even came to mind whilst doing this but there ya go!
That looks heaps better, man.

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Definitley looks better. Great job.

But you should've posted this on Gear Bulding & Customizing, it's good to have the projects collected there. It's a great subforum to browse for ideas and inspiration.
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Yeah I love Jimmys ORGE but he's already done it so what would be the point?
Also my bad should have posted in the Gear Building forum rookie move haha