I'm sorry if the place that I'm putting the thread into is wrong (if that's the case, please move it).
I'm writting because I'm learning how to use EzDrummer when trying to make a 'metalcore' remix of a song. I've seen hundreds of people remixing some famous popular songs (original vocals + Metal Backing Track).
Is there anybody who would be willing to explain to me how can I make the drums that I create fit the original vocals (I have extracted the original vocals from the original track so that is not a problem anymore) ?
I know that to some of you the question may seem trivial, but I have spent a lot of time doing this and still I do not know what should I do in order to synchronise the drums with the vocals (the BPM is correct, and so is the time measure, but still the drums sound kind of ...odd?)
Thank you! I appreciate all the comments left.

I'm sure that people can help out, but I'm not exactly sure what you mean. Maybe you could link us to the track (even if it is unfinished and the drums sound odd), and then we'll likely be able to identify the problem right away
My problem is that I have the vocals extracted, but when I make some drums they just do not fit. Maybe the drum pattern (loop) that I am using is wrong or sth.

The problem occurs even when the BPM is right.

Hmm...I try to create something and send it to you
I guess it could just be that you have the vocals starting in the wrong place. I had that problem making a remix a while ago, since the vocal actually came in on the 'and' count of 1, rather than right on the 1. Listen to the original song, and try and work out what count the vocal (or a certain word) lands on, and match your vocal and drums to that