The plastic washer in my Gotoh GE1996T wont go back into the tremolo arm hole after it got out. Before that I dropped a spring inside the cavity to reduce the wriggling in the tremolo arm, but the spring broke after some weeks. The result was the entire washer getting stuck with the trem bar and the whole thing came out when I tried to remove the arm.

I managed to put it back though, I tried using a stone (Those smooth ones) and hammer and light knocks over a piece of cloth to push it in but it wont move. My tremolo still works fine like this, but seeing that black piece sticking out can be a little annoying. Any ideas? Could it be im not knocking hard enough? Its supposed to be flushed.

Bummmmmp up.
The washer looks similar to this. Apparently its called Gotoh Black Plastic Trem Collar or something, the one picutred here are for other Gotoh trem systems, not the GE1996T but they look quite similar.