Here is a lesson in what is commonly called 'guitar playing solos' (blazing style)

you need to understand that with guitar tabs you can read guitar solos even though you cannot if you are playing an acoustic cause it wont be playable at the top of the neck.

Here is what I mean:


even though it looks really good, its too hard on an acoustic before you wont be able to find the notes without hurting your arm.

There are lots of types of solos such as apregion, tapped solos and hammer offs.
This is what they look like

D - 15--t---18 <--- this means tap on 18 with your thumb

A----10 ------1
E---1-2-1-2-1-2 <------ this means use your finger to hammer on and off 1 and 2 in between the notes, it should have a little mark over the top to indicted what it means, especially on tabs

if you are playing stuff like blues that eric clapton started then you need to get lots of benders in, such as:


this means bend the note on the fifth fret so it will probably become either 6 or 7 depending on how hard you make the bend

When you have finished learning the solo it is best to put it onto an amp such as peavey or laney and you will be able to hear it out loud. its its still un-good its probably best to try it again until you think it sounds really a lot like clapton.

If you want to add 'blaze'' into your soloing, just add stuff like sweeping picks, which is where u get the pick and pick all 6 strings at the same time with like a chord on

E-0012........ <--- this means your playing Asus2 and you just need to sweep the pick on the fret board and it will make a sound that is good for solos like john petrucci

When ur solo sounds good through the guitar amp its time to make your own guitar solo which can be done by tuning up and then making arpegions and trying to ''hum'' out a solo.

If your trying to think of a solo, hum out ''hmmm, deedley, doo'' and stuff and you will probly think of one, then you just need to find out how to do it in arpegions.

Here is a solo i wrote:

................bend lots...........................(do tapping)............finish with arpegion sweep pick

if you can do this your pretty good but it is done really fast so keep practising it until you get the hang on the scales and notes in the chords.

If you have a drum machine you can play solos along to the drum beat which will helpful keep you into time so you will never lose time. When you are playing a solo, dont forget to:
-keep in time
-play every scale in the note
-keep playing the scales again for added effect

Then you will be able to do clapton style solos but probaly not john petucci yet cause you need to practise sweep picking before u can do his solos.
The king stay the king