Hi guys, I am a nineteen year old guitarist from Wisconsin. Here are some of my guitars and amps. All of these guitars have been modded by me except for the blue Jazzmaster, I bought this guitar recently and wanted to post it because it was custom made by the guy who had it before me. The body I believe is vintage and original from 1965' and the neck is an original but it was sent in to be refinished to look roadworn. The pickups are Steven Kleiner Vintage Pickups? Never heard of them and can't find anything online but they sound amazing.

Fender Jazzmaster

Fender Mustang Hot Rails in the Bridge and lil 59' in the bridge

Squier Jagmaster Seymour Duncan Hot Rod Humbuckers
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Man! That Jazzmaster is sexy as heck! Bet it sounds great! I didn't notice until after but your other two guitars have the same Color Combination. But I had no idea blue and tortoise red would look so great! What's your amps? Kinda hard to figure out.
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Decepticons everywhere, decepticons everywhere.