I have a bunch of gear that I want to get rid of. Been trying Craigslist but i've only sold a pedal through it. Mainly just wanna get different gear than what I have and get rid of what I don't use, just end up with necessities. I've been thinking pawn shop to have money right away but I know I probably wouldn't get much money. I did have selling to Guitar Center or a local music store in mind but I wasn't sure about that either. And listing it on here would kinda be the same process as Craigslist (wait for someone to reply, etc.)along with the shipping process so maybe even eBay? Some of my gear is stuff that should be sold/traded easily (40w Marshall combo) and some of it not so much (5 year old Casio 87 key).

I just wanna end up with gear that I really like and use and not with other stuff that just collects dust. Any advice on what I should do?
the amp you should be able to sell on clist pretty easily, as long as you arent asking a crazy price. just be sure to repost it everyday, and be patient. what model is it and how much are you asking for? what does your Clist post say?
the keyboard, if its one of those "toy" things probably wont sell.
a pawn shop is going to give you practically nothing for stuff, thats the nature of it. and i only sell things to guitarcenter if im trading in for something, because they will gouge you too. (i shouldnt say gouge you, because thats unfair. guitar center and pawn shops buy your stuff so that they can make a profit on it.)
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Ive been pretty successful at buying/selling through facebook. Check if theres a gear exchange for your town/region on fb
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GC will give you $300 (if your lucky) for the amp, keep it and sell it out right
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Probably just priced to high.

I would never pay that much for a DSL401. That's DSL100 money, and even them I've seen for $450.

I would pay $350 for a DSL401.

Try asking $400.

The road case really isn't going to give you any noteworthy extra value on the used market.
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My first post here as I am a novice, but I know eBay very well.
Check Ebay for completed auctions of the same gear. That will give you an idea of what the market will pay. If you are comfortable with those prices, box your gear as if you were shipping it and go to the ups store, or FedEx to get a shipping quote. Small stuff send usps priority. When you list on Ebay be honesty, and take good pictures, the more the better. Don't overcharge for shipping. Add a reasonable buy-it-now price, and a 7 day auction. If comparable stuff is selling for say $375, you can expect to get around the same. If you gouge on the shipping you'll lose in the long run. I bought a guitar on Ebay recently that had historically been selling for $450-$500, I got it for $260 because he was charging $90 for shipping. Saved me at least $100.

Good luck
Here some tips on selling used gear:

1. Make sure that they are clean and shiny before taking pictures.
2. Take pictures of your gears under the sun to ensure that that are quite clear.
3. Post plenty of pictures, or offer to email additional pics to interested buyers.
4. Scan similar items for sale and sell at a lower price.
5. Tell the RFS and issues, if any.
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i'd like to point out that you ask them to contact you by phone and you don't give any sort of phone number...

also, the road case probably isn't worth all that much to someone buying that amp. Your pricing is probably just too high. Put it up with a price of $1 and then negotiate when people start to bite.