Hello All!

I have a Dean MAB3 Silverburst for sale! It was my first electric but it has so many bells and whistles that I don't like. I am a metal guy but I just don't like the feel of it. It has a thin neck (I think D shaped), Floyd Rose Locking Tuning, 1 Tone, 1 Volume, 5 way switch. This guitar is a great piece but I hate to see it go. I really don't play it. It's been sitting in the Gator Hardshell Case for about 4 months not played.

I decided to sell it because I don't have any use for it and really need money for a resoration project for my Grandfathers 12 String Telecaster that he had before he passed away. I'd also like to work on a few other guitars and my setups which I still need money for. So throw a number out there for both the Guitar and the Hardshell Case. I had it up on Craigslist for 400$
Check Here:

So just throw a decent number if you wish!
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