I was listening to a song I really liked from the twisted metal soundtrack that had these just awesome vocals and idk what type of vocal style it is besides metal. its got that harsh electronic distorted sounding voice. almost like something youd hear on the devil may cry sound track . I really want to listen to more music with these kind of vocals but don't know what the exact sound is called,if you know any bands that have a similar vocal style or what the particular sound is called thatd help. thanks

the song I was reffering to: skip to around 1:30 to hear the vocals

a very similiar sounding vocal style :

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distorted filtered and phasered

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Sounds like gutterals to screeches with high distortion.
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distorted filtered and phasered

Pretty much this. The distortion effect gives the...well...distorted sound. The filter/phaser gives the wobbly sound. The vocals are pretty normal. Standard industrial metal stuff. Listen to Combichrist or something if you want more.
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Sounds like something I watched on redtube I accidental came across. It was some dude choking on tranny balls.

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Listen to Combichrist

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No need to trash talk the dude for liking that sound. If you have constructive input, point him in the right direction, if not, no need to berate him for liking it.

I'd say look more in the Industrial realm of music, only example I can think of that has those effects applied to the vocals is Ministry. Other than that, you could try doing a bit of research, finding out the artists of those songs, look up similar artsists, so on and so forth.