Here's my problem, in Guitar Pro 5 when I set the key signature to D major and write a D on the staff everything is fine as long as the track's tuning is set to E standard.

But when I set the track's tuning down two steps without transposing the track, the note on the staff is still a D but the actual note sounded is now a Bb. The key signature still shows D major as well, which messes things up since I write a lot of parts using the staff

So what I'm trying to do is to use alternate tunings while the staff still shows the correct notes as they sound.

My explanation might be a bit confusing but if anybody knows how to do this in Guitar Pro 5 that'd be awesome!

Yup the key signature can be changed to the new key, but the problem is that the note on the staff is written as a D but sounding as a Bb
Oh, ok. Now I get it. Hm, I've never really used that function.

I guess the notes are static? Like, you say that this song is in this or that key, then you change the tuning, but the notes will not change. I just tried it. It's strange though, probably a bug?
Yeah it's a pain because I write a lot of my music using the staff and I think about everything in relation to the tonic of the key so when they don't match up it totally messes me up. I think there may be a way to get it right in GP6 but I can't stand using GP6 lol
If you're writing in Staff you might be better off with something like Sibelius whose focus is standard notation, where as GuitarPro is more focused on tabs and theory illiterate guitar players.
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Yeah I use Sibelius as well but Guitar Pro 5 just makes it so easy to take the music I write on the staff and re tab it to be playable right below, everything works amazing until I mess with tunings lol