If poetry is the basis of all thought- what then? Since the beginning of time, we have sent our best and brightest to interpret our world through artfully chosen words and wise structure, and yet we know but a tiny speck of all truth resulting from it. We dream of gods and goddesses and ravens and doves. All I see are mortals and pigeons. We've uncovered free flowing thoughts in the Whitmanian style that all can grasp and the studious diction style of Dickinson that only the elite few can understand -- and even they can have no clue if they truly understand. Why can we not interpret our world in the perfect word? Why do we put so much effort forth to translate the universe?

Only the true poet understands all is beyond rhyme and reason.
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This is something I've been asking myself a lot, because hey... that's just who we are Why do we strive to reach, to pursue what we think is love? Because we know, there is something far greater than us already, by knowing it we search, and eventually we hit gold (or falsely believe so). I am not speaking about a god of course, but as to why get the hinge. Say a musician comes up with a great melody. Or he is residing something in his head already, that is impossible to explain....... like a thousand butterflies coursing through you. That feeling, and eventually you'll be able to let them out. One by one to whatever love it might be, and that's beauty right there.

I'm sounding like a buddah here, but the main point is. Do what you don't know, and do what you really do know........ok I'll stop there

It's fun to see you're still in this community after all these years...

I enjoyed this. I think if you wanted to expand, maybe incorporate something about how the animals and trees live so simply that they seem to understand the beauty of the world, while man has made life so complex that only the poet sits down to marvel the beauty. Just a thought
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