I play and own a classical guitar, mainly classical songs before, but now I'm moving into more modern stuff. No amp connection on this guitar.

I've tried Sungha Jung's songs before, and I tried to replicate his percussive slapping some time ago when he released the tabs for Payphone. I got all the notes right and slaps in the right spots, but the slaps didn't sound good, so I gave up, until now.


So I got some tabs for Sungha Jung's rendition of "Let it Go". I again tried it out, and I got about 2 pages into the tabs, notes are right, guitar slaps in the right spots, but for some reason, the slaps just sound absolutely terrible?

So I did some research on guitar slapping, and found that there were 2 main techniques (correct me if I'm wrong).

1. Use the meaty part of your palm (near the thumb) to hit the bass strings.
2. Use your thumb to make the string hit the frets.

I've been mainly using 1. when I have to pluck strings at the same time, and use 2. when I have to strum a chord.

I asked my sister to listen to Sungha's version then mine, and she said that I hit the strings too hard, so I softened it, then she said it was too soft so it sounded like a mistake. When I finally get it in the "happy medium" she still said it didn't sound good, and I confirmed that when I heard it against Sungha's version.

Was wondering if you guys had any idea why?

EDIT: Maybe because he has an amp, and he hits it lightly to produce a nice tone while I have to hit it harder because of no amp??