I bought this guitar used on CL and was told the strings are 10s but I'm not familiar with the brand. All I have to go on are the colored string ends. I normally play EBs, but I really like them and would love to have some info. Anything would be great.

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From memory, their normal set of .010's go Brass/Red/Black/Green/Purple/Silver, though. That looks like a specialty set.


They're FRXL110's from D'addario. So yeah, they're .010's. They used to make strings specialty for guitars with floyd rose systems, but now that they have balanced tension strings, they really don't need to.
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Hi All, I need to buy strings for my 3 month old HSS Fender Strat. What size do they come with from the factory, 9`s or 10`s. Can I use any size strings? Or must I have guitar adjusted? I am New to guitar, so I really would appreciate some in-put. Also which brand strings play best on the Strat. Thanks, Gig
They come with .09-.42s. I would use a 9, 10, or 11s and probably get away without much of a set up. As for brand everyone will tell you something different. I have used Ernie ball super slinky 9s for years and like them. But again it depends on user.