Hey all,
It's been a while since I've been on the ol' UG but I just remembered this lovely little part of the forum and everyone on here has always been super helpful/cool.

Just wanted to post my bands EP in hopes of getting some feedback from musicians rather than the average joe. Keep in mind this was all recorded in about 12 hours time so it's not polished to perfection or anything.




P.S. Hoping to start playing on the West Coast this summer if anyone has any suggestions of where to play slash wants to meet.
I listened to the Tentacled Forest. I really dug it once the vocals kicked in around 0:35(?), very catchy, and interesting. The first 35 seconds, though, confused me. I did not really see how the first 12 seconds of intro/build or the next 23 seconds of intro riffing "set me up" for the verse melody / riff. So that seemed disjointed. I also felt that the drumming and the guitar soloing were not really in the same groove somewhere around the 25 second mark, though I thought it got better once the vocals started.

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