I have a few questions and google hasn't helped me

Should it be professionally done( to send to record labels)? Or will recording on my laptop through Reaper be enough? My band has about ten songs so I was thinking around 3 for the demo? One ballad, one fast paced and one more somewhere in the middle.

Also, I find myself not knowing what to say when I call venues to book gigs. Is there somethings I should say? I know, band name and type of music but is there anything else?

Thanks in advance.
How's it going mate. Just some things to cover first.

1. Most record companies do not accept unsolicited demos. This means that you won't be able to send them your music unless someone high up recommends you to them. That's far off in the future.

2. Making some demos at home is a good way to get gigs. The more professional the better.

3. Call venue, tell them about your band and ask if there's any nights they think you would be good to play at. The more you call, the better you get at calling. Also team up with other local bands and get a show together.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Thanks bro, that really cleared things up. There are not many bands in my local scene. Most of them are older people playing pubs. I will probably try to find other bands to play with.

Record your demo and do the best job you possibly can. You don't have to record it professionally, but most studios will take it and master or mix it for you. It will cost, but it will be worth it. Burn up a few CDs and hand them out at gigs.
This, and everything that AlanHB said.
You can try show swapping, too. This is how we spread out in the band I was in. Find other local bands in other towns close to your own through social media or networking websites. Try and get a show in your town, tell the venue you have another band you can put on the bill. They do the same. Both bands get out of their own town and spread out a bit. Plus, you make friends with other bands.
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