I had previously opened up a thread while looking for a new modern band to start listening to. I currently listen to Avenged Sevenfold, Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Linkin Park. People who replied to my thread recommended Mastodon, but UG's recent metal-core band list is topped by Killswitch Engage. Which band is better? Can you recommend a better band?

I am not looking for something that sounds a lot like what I hear (in fact something new is preferred), just something new that will continue to release albums in the future for a while.
Machine Head, Trivium, Steel Panther, Firewind. Have you explored the Judas Priest back catalog?
Killswitch is a good band, but I would recommend August Burns Red if your looking for something new. They have a bit more unique sound in my opinion. I would recommend their newest album Rescue and Restore. And if it interests you, their christmas album as well.
Thanks guys, I'll check these bands out. Any good modern thrash metal bands?
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Thanks guys, I'll check these bands out. Any good modern thrash metal bands?

Loads, although these are more tech/prog metal inspired:




Also cuz I just want to throw this in:


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Wow Heathen is awesome. Vektor's guitarists blew my mind until I almost died at 0:55 when the vocalist (is he a bat or something?) started shrieking. I didn't like Revocation thaaat much either, but I repeat, Heathen is awesome. Animals as Leaders is good too, but I need good vocals, just not into instrumental. BTW that first quote made me lol so hard XD
So I know this is the Modern Rock section, but I'll try to sneak progressive metal in. So, I'm a fan of Linkin Park and A7x too, and I've recently added Tool to the bands I listen to. You might like it, I'd go check them out. The bands other people listed are good too, from what I hear.