I have a LTD MH-50. Bought it used, online, and didn't know a whole lot...it had a bunch of quirks and probably wasn't the right guitar for me. I'd probably lose money selling it (maybe not?) but don't mind a little project work. Played it for a couple years, but always went back to my acoustic since the LTD just never felt "right".

Blocked the Floyd. It's a FR Special, nothing but chrome plated junk. I should have bought a hardtail to begin with. I tried to make it work with the Floyd but in the end prefer it being blocked.

Reset the neck angle. The neck angle was really terrible, action on the higher frets was worse than my acoustic.

Restrung from 9s to 11s. The 9s sounded thin, and I am kind of a "hard fretter" from mostly playing acoustic. I was always pulling notes sharp between the light strings and the XJ frets.

Fine tuned the action so it's playable (bridge height, truss rod).

Adjusted the pickup height.

Corrected the intonation.

I don't know if I'll unblock the Floyd in the future or not. The FR Special is really unremarkable and cheap. The guitar sounds so much better with it blocked.

In all, I turned the $170 guitar into something much more playable. Wish I had done it all sooner, but I didn't know what I didn't know yet...
Sometimes, getting a project can be more rewarding than a new out of the box guitar.
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You're right, in the end I learned way more about my guitar by really going over it. I'll have a better idea what I want in my next one!
Always tell my mates if they have a free weekend to go over their guitars/bass' rather than send it off to the shop.
Recently set up my PRS and changed the string on it from 9's to 11's and i've properly learnt to do stuff.
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